BatRT – Running batch files from WinRT

Download link at bottom of post. WinRT is the new application architecture which Windows store apps utilize. WinRT sandboxes applications to decrease the security issues which have plagued windows for many years. This severely limits what you are able to do from a windows store app. This stops store apps from launching desktop applications for example. File operations are [...]

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Client side simulation for a turn based multiplayer game

I have just written a tutorial about client based simulation for multiplayer games. It can be found here.  

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Upcoming game : Samurai Tactics!

We have just announced our next game – Samurai Tactics. The game focuses on multiplayer turn based tactical battles against friends. Set in feudal Japan, there are lots of brilliant units and skills to pick from making each battle challenging and fun. The engadgements are designed to be short and exciting. If this is something which interests [...]

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Animation in libGdx with TexturePacker

Follow @isyslabs for new tutorials We are currently working on a new android/PC game which is written using the brilliant libGdx framework (check it out its amazing!). We have decided to use flash for the artwork mainly because it scales nicely and will look great on HD TVs right down to low resolution phone screens. The animations [...]

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Technique for indentifying android app CPU usage

I just found this blog post written by Mario from the libgdx dev team which details how to discover how much CPU your app is using in real time. This is a great help when trying to cut the battery drain of an app or just generally improving performance. the command window/terminal command to show the top ten [...]

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PHP email – Avoiding the junk folder

I am currently working on a new internet service which should launch in a few weeks. I have the normal style of registration where a confirmation email is sent to  user wishing to join the service (I found this tutorial very useful) I am sending the email from a php script via a password protected [...]

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Multiple Text Styles in a Single TextView

Applying different styles to text (be it color, bold, italic etc etc) is important to bring attention to important sections of the paragraph. This can be done in two ways using android text views. The first and most inefficient and frustrating is to create multiple TextViews each with different styles. This gets very tedious extremely quickly and [...]

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Creating a Custom ListPreference

Follow @isyslabs for new tutorials For the new version of Pixel Ants I have been improving the theme selection and creation tools. Previously I had the name of all the themes in a ListPreference – if you wanted to see the colors you would have to completely exit the PreferenceActivity and go back the live wallpaper. [...]

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Rat’s Retaliation 1.4.5

Just released a new update of Rat’s Retaliation. This update is fairly hefty and a long time coming. I have decided to release a pro version as I know alot of people don’t like adverts. Hope you all enjoy it! Added SWIPE controls – allowing diagonal movement (select 8-way swipe in options) New Pro version removes ads, [...]

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Determine an android view’s dimensions

Finding the dimensions of a layout, widget or view is often problematic. If you call a view’s getHeight or getWidth functions during the onCreate function you will recieve zero. This is because the layout hasn’t been laid out, optimized and calculated yet. Android generally tries to keep the nitty gritty of layouts away from the developer because [...]

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Speeding up Eclipse

I find myself frequently getting annoyed by eclipse when coding for Android. The main problems I found were the slow project build times (which are frequent) and the 1-2 second pause before autocomplete popped up. I decided to have a little look around and find some basic tweaks to improve the performance of eclipse for [...]

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Inside Pixel Ants

Pixel ants is a live wallpaper which simulates an ant colony scouting for food. I thought it might be interesting to explain how ants communicate and how this works in pixel ants. Ants use pheromones to communicate to each other. These smells are used to mark tracks to food, warn of danger and many other [...]

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Rat Stats

First off welcome to the new website. Previously I had been using blogspot but decided it was about time I upgraded to a proper domain name and server. The developer dashboard for android has recently been providing some stats  about the phones which currently have my apps installed. I thought some of you stats geeks may get [...]

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I recently got Rats Retaliation translated to Korean and Chinese (simplified and Taiwanese). The response I have received has been brilliant! In light of this I decided I would see if I could get the game translated to more languages to bring the game to more people. I started a GetLocalization project for the game and requested several languages including [...]

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Rat’s Retaliation 1.4.0 Patch Notes

New game mode – Survival! See how long you can survive the cats on any of the 50 levels: 5 new achievements Online and local survival leaderboards Medals to be obtained New graphical level selector, shows: which levels have been completed (classic) which medals has been awarded (survival) Now post scores to facebook! ‘Social Cat Killer’ [...]

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Pixel Ants 1.1.0 Patch Notes

First off let me say thanks for all the positive feedback and purchases we have recieved. Several people mentioned that the wallpaper was a system hog and got boring quite quickly – this update will hopefully solve both these issues. Performance Performance increased by 20% ! Touch interaction much smoother Moving between homescreens much smoother (thanks jgittins) [...]

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Pixel Ants APK

For all of you unable to find Pixel Ants in the market the apk of pixel ants lite is now available from, to install follow this guide. Also has just chosen Pixel Ants as one of the four android apps of the week, click here to read the  write-up.

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Pixel Ants Trailer

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Pixel Ants Release!

Brand new live wallpaper released! Market Link Shows an interactive and realistic ant colony on your home screen. The ants gather food to survive and you can place more food by pressing the screen. The simulation and appearance of the ant colony can be completely customized! Buy the pro version to unlock more colour options, remove adverts and most [...]

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Live Wallpaper Beta

I have been playing around with a simulation of emergent behaviour, and decided it would look good as a live wallpaper. It is planned to be released on the market this weekend. I would really love some beta testers to test whether it works correctly on their phones and to see what they think of the LW. Any one [...]

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Rat’s Retaliation 1.3.0 Patch Notes

Update 1.3.0 notes [Achievement] New achievement ‘Competitive Cat Killer’ [Achievement] New achievement ‘Cat Trap’ [Stability] Greatly enchanced, game has been completely recoded! [Interface] New main menu. [Interface] Android status bar removed to provide smaller screens with more space. [Difficulty] Cat speeds have now been reduced to make the game easier. [Difficulty] Speed now set when [...]

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Rat’s Retaliation 1.2.4 Patch Notes

Update 1.2.4 Another small update fixing a few bugs and crashes people have been experiencing. [Input] Back button now works on all menus [Bugs] General bug fixes [Speed] Reduced memory allocation – should run smoother and may stop crashes [Spawning] No longer spawn in holes or within 4 spaces of a cat (if possible) [Spawning] [...]

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Rat’s Retaliation 1.2.2 Patch Notes

Update 1.2.2 Just a small update to fix the controls which some users have said are a bit fiddly.  [Controls] Edge controls have been changed so they originate from the centre of the screen, this allows users to instantly know where to press to move in a certain direction. [Controls] Edge controls are now default. These should be more suited [...]

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Rat’s Retaliation 1.2.0 Patch Notes

Update 1.2.0 This is a fairly big update fixing lots of problems and adding OpenFeint which brings with it achievements and a new online highscore system. We have uploaded this patch before the achievement icons have been completed but we wanted to get these fixes to you ASAP. [Bug] Stop users selecting and playing level [...]

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New Screenshots

Just thought I would upload a couple more screenshots showing higher levels. Update should be coming soon introducing social networking features – watch this space.

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Rat’s Retaliation

The classic Windows arcade game ‘Rodent’s Revenge’ has come to android! iSys Labs are pleased to announce our first android based game, available now from Android Market for free! Rat’s Retaliation is a remake of this time-honoured skilled based puzzle game Rodent’s Revenge. The player takes control of a rat whose objective is to trap [...]

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